Meeting in Slovenia

Between 9th and 10th of October 2014 COFFE project partners met on a third international meeting, that took place in Ljubljana  (Slovenia) and was hosted by the GEA College.

The main aim of the meeting was to discuss progress in implementation of project tasks, as well as plan next steps.

The main subject for discussion was related with internal (within the partnership) testing of the 1st version of the game, introducing recommended amendments, translations needed to prepare national version of the game, and issues related with external testing of the game.

Partner responsible for WP3 – Content and technical development (OIC Poland Foundation) presented changes which were introduced into the based version of the game, after receiving of results of needs analysis.

During the meeting partners also had the opportunity to play the game (the 1st version of it, prepared according to findings from needs analysis), and learn how to moderate the game.

Partners have also made decision about further actions, which need to be undertaken:

– Improvements and amendments to the 1st version of the game – launch of 2nd version;

– Translation of user handbook from English to partner languages;

– Launching 2nd version of the game, translating the content to mother tongues;

– Proper pilot testing;

During the meeting consortium also summarized first year of project implementation and partner cooperation, discussed about main problems in the implementation of project and possible solving of these problems.

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