The game


The innovative “Competences of future” (COFFE) project is based on innovative on-line game “Simulation enterprise” worked during national project “Key Competence School” (2008-2012), led by University of Economics and Innovation in five Eastern Polish voivodships. The project was dedicated to around 5000 students from 50 secondary and vocational schools, situated mainly in rural areas. The project consisted of different actions and tools, concentrated on developing key competences, “Simulation enterprise” is one of this tools.

The game  reflects functioning virtual company with keeping all contemporary market conditions. The tool is available on-line via web browser. It is an innovative, authorial tool developed for project purpose. User, within “Simulation enterprise”, decides on crucial economical issues, related to company management (finances and accountancy, investment, human resources, tangible assets, marketing, production, transport and logistics, trade, warehousing, current planning, strategic planning) that he is in charge of. “Simulation enterprise” requires from players: engagement, information collecting and acting as “virtual entrepreneurs” in harsh economic conditions.

“Simulation enterprise” was chosen to be transferred due to its uniqueness and innovative approach towards entrepreneurship skills. It is available on-line, which means that users needs only access to the Internet, without necessity of installing additional programmes and applications. To make the tool more interesting we want also to enable using the game on iPads and smartphones. Thanks to reflecting economic conditions, it is very realistic and helps to understand management process in attractive way. The tool enables to define and moderate leading a few games in the same time (using different languages and being user from different countries). The game concept enables moderator to settle the rules related to game clock. Moderator will decide how fast the time is passing (in real or multiplied time – e.g. 1 second = 1 hour) which gives possibility to see the effects of decision made in a very short period of time.

The system architecture is divided into three layers: data and source systems, business logics and presentation. Thanks to this approach, system is highly calibrated and elastic.

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